Satoshi Nakamoto Statue Goes Up In Budapest
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Satoshi Nakamoto statue goes up in Budapest

“Whoever he or she was, Bitcoin creates value, and especially the technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, creates value,” said András Győrfi. A bronze depiction of legendary Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is now on display for visitors […]

Youtuber Trades Tesla Roadster For Nft
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YouTuber trades Tesla Roadster for NFT

“Looking back on this in one year, two year, three years from now it could be a monumentally dumb decision but it also could be a great decision,” said Dan Markham. Dan Markham, the creator […]

Avalanche Foundation Raises $230m To Support Defi Ecosystem
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Avalanche Foundation raises $230M to support DeFi ecosystem

The smart contracts platform has made substantial progress within the DeFi space since its launch last year. The Avalanche Foundation has announced a significant $230M investment from a venture capital group spearheaded by Polychain and Three […]

Btc Takes Aim At $50k; Solana Goes Down; Is Eth ‘sound Money’? | Watch The Market Report W/ Charlie Burton
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BTC takes aim at $50K; Solana goes down; Is ETH ‘sound money’? | Watch The Market Report w/ Charlie Burton

“The Market Report” with Cointelegraph is live right now with special guest Charlie Burton, a veteran trader and the co-founder of Ezeetrader! Tune in to watch Cointelegraph host and analyst Benton Yaun alongside resident market […]