KuCoin Review

Kucoin Review
Kucoin Review

KuCoin Review – Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

KuCoin is an exchange based on a third party through which you can trade, sell and buy various types of cryptocurrencies. A professional group of business specialists with work experience at iBox PAY and Ant Financial created this in May 2017. KuCoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency in the market.

The main objective of the producers was to provide a secure and convenient platform for people all over the world for trading various types of digital currencies. In the long-run, they aim at becoming one of the top 10 exchanges in the business market by the year 2021.

Since the time it had been in the market, this coin has not suffered any significant losses. It has seldom experienced any overloads from the system. Now, you can easily log in to the KuCoin platform via a Personal Computer or through the Android and iOS apps of this coin.

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In a survey of 2018, it was reported that more than 1 million people use KuCoin. However, the trading capital of this coin is relatively less than other famous coins, such as the Binance.

As I was writing this review, I came to know that this exchange has reserved its cryptocurrency known as KuCoin Shares (KCS). KuCoin holders receive additional discounts on the trading charges.

Moreover, the KCS holders also receive an additional 50% share from all the profits made by the trading of this exchange. The highest point in the history of the KuCoin exchange came in January 2018 when its worth was above $1.8 billion.

Availability of Coin

Above 300 trading pairs are currently offered at the time of writing this review. The most common example of a trading pair is that of BTC/ETH, which depicts the trade of Bitcoin with Ethereum. More than 75 digital currencies are supported by these platforms, and the list is still going on.

Most famous coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, and also the less known coins such as Lympo and VeChain are included in the above-mentioned list.

Those digital coins that have finished their ICO use KuCoin very frequently, which indicates that it is a good currency if you wish to buy these currencies at the very initial stage of their trading business. The founders of KuCoin aimed to link more than 1,000 digital currencies with KuCoin by the end of 2018.

KuCoin Charges

The most vibrant objective of KuCoin is to charge a minimal fee to their traders. Is this very economical? Firstly, the money deposits made in the digital coins are free. However, you have to pay a marginal blockchain transaction fee for transferring your money. This fee depends greatly on the type of digital currency that you are availing of.

However, while trading, you will be charged only 0.1% of the money that you are spending. For example, you have to pay only $1 as a fee if you wish to buy Litecoin worth $1000. This is one of the least in digital currencies. This is an important reason to use KuCoin.

If you wish to withdraw your coins from the exchange, the charges are dependent on what type of digital coin you wish to take out. The official site of KuCoin contains all the details on this topic.

Since now you have some information about various coins that are traded by KuCoin, and also the details about the charges of KuCoin, the coming part of this review will analyze numerous methods of payment, with any steps you need to take for verification.

Kucoin Review

Verification and Methods of Payment

The five international fiat currencies accepted by KuCoin include USD, VND, CAD, CNY, and IDR.

Is fiat currency also accepted by KuCoin? Unfortunately, they do not accept any other form of currency other than cryptocurrency. This means that you have to use some other digital currency to deposit your money.

If you are new in the industry of cryptocurrency, the most convenient way to initiate your trade is by buying some famous currency at Coinbase such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Traditional methods of payment, such as the debit card or even any bank account, are acceptable at Coinbase. After doing this, you can then shift your coins to your KuCoin account.

There is a plus point in withdrawing and depositing your money by using digital currency. Since the exchange of digital currency has no link with fiat currency, no user identification is required for starting the trade. So, can do your business anonymously.

Moreover, there is no limit on depositing and withdrawing the funds. This is indeed an advantage since other digital currencies demand your documents for verification of your identity, such as your bank statement or your passport, which certainly consumes a lot of time.

Who Can Have KuCoin?

When I used the KuCoin platform for the very first time, I was happy that it was effortless to operate. You might have noticed from my above discussion that everything done on this platform is not only transparent but also very convenient.

KuCoin exchange is best for professional traders as it also gives the analysis of the pricing trends, for example, the bars of the candlestick. But the net trading capital at KuCoin is in the range of tens of millions, which is indeed less than the massive exchanges such as Binance.

This is a hurdle as the meagre trading capital shows that the company can run short of liquidity. If you are only interested in minor trades, then this will not bother you at all. But, if you wish to trade in huge volumes, then KuCoin is not the most suitable exchange for you.

When fresh cryptocurrencies are introduced in the market, they are sometimes available for exchange at only one market. If the digital currency you wish to have is only available at KuCoin, then you will be forced to utilize them.

You certainly would have now known from my analysis that this platform is very user-friendly, the coming part is going to deal with the safety of this exchange.

Is KuCoin Safe?

Determining the safety of any platform is very important before making any deposit into its accounts. Trust is indeed the most vital element for knowing that your money is secure and safe.

A centralized server carries out all the third-party exchanges, which indicates that if this server is to be hacked, then your coins might just vanish. Has it ever happened in the industry of digital currency? Unfortunately, yes, and it happens frequently.

Such as, in the latter part of 2017, it was estimated in a study that the net worth of coins was over $15 billion that have been hacked so far in the history of digital currency. Many more hacks have been made even after that, which means that the net amount is now much more.

So how is KuCoin safe? Firstly, for the security of the information about private accounts, an encryption protocol is provided. Moreover, as I am writing this review, I came to know that an internal risk management department is always there to ensure the security of the funds.

For the further protection of your account, the option of setting up a Google Authenticator is also available. If you did so, you would have to enter a numerical code from your device to the website of KuCoin, each time you log in or initiate a trade.

This additional security feature is highly suggested from my side. It is because, even if someone gets to know the password to your account, they would still need your mobile phone for knowing the numerical code.

KuCoin – Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

At last, it is also important to mention that though KuCoin has never been hacked. It is still a very fresh and new exchange. And that no matter the exchange or the currency you are using, never keep huge sums of money stored in a single account. It is always recommended to transfer your coins to a safe and reliable personal wallet.


  • Minimal withdraw, deposit, and trading charges
  • Easy to operate – best for the beginners
  • A large variety of coins, along with fresh coins
  • The great feature of security
  • No need for verification – trade anonymously


  • Less trading capital–liquidity issues may arise on smaller coins
  • The system might slow down in times of high internet traffic


You can be a member of this company the next minute. All you have to do is to sign up and send in some Bitcoins. Your profits start calculating the moment you successfully make a deposit.

Visit the Official KuCoin website


  • How do you buy Bitcoins on KuCoin?

    – Sign up to KuCoin
    – You can buy Bitcoin using cash: you can link your debit/credit card or bank account

  • Is KuCoin safe?

    KuCoin is a safe exchange that allows user account protection via the use of Two Factor Authentication (2fa).

  • How can I withdraw money from KuCoin?

    KuCoin supports multiple different payment methods. Select the fiat currency you’d like to withdraw and the payment method. KuCoin supports credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer, or cash balance.

Visit the Official KuCoin website

KuCoin score
  • 9.8/10
    Cost - 9.8/10
  • 9.9/10
    Support - 9.9/10
  • 9.9/10
    Reliability - 9.9/10

KuCoin Summary

KuCoin is an exchange based on a third party through which you can trade, sell and buy various types of cryptocurrencies. A professional group of business specialists with work experience at iBox PAY and Ant Financial created this in May 2017. KuCoin is a relatively new cryptocurrency in the market.

The main objective of the producers was to provide a secure and convenient platform for people all over the world for trading various types of digital currencies. In the long-run, they aim at becoming one of the top 10 exchanges in the business market by the year 2021.

KuCoin (Spot Trading)

  • Advanced API: Offers an easy and efficient way to develop a secure and programmatic trading strategy
  • Efficient Matching Engine: Supports up to 1 million transactions per second without any overload
  • Various Order Types: Offers limit, stop, market, post only and iceberg orders
  • High-Quality Assets: Over 200 global high-quality blockchain projects with more than 400 trading pairs
  • High Liquidity: Highest daily volume of nearly $500 million (USD) with the smallest bid-ask spread in the industry
  • Up to 10x Leverage: Margin trading that supports most mainstream cryptos such as BTC, ETH and KCS
  • Multiple Fiat Gateways: Buy crypto with fiat through Simplex, Banxa, and OTC, supporting a number of fiats including USD, JPY, KRW, EURO, GBP and more

High-Yield Finance Service: Earn up to 10% annualized return through our finance services

Competitive Fees: Attractive taker and maker fee structure plus VIP discount

KuMEX (KuCoin Futures)

  • More Reasonable Mechanism to Prevent Contract Being Liquidated: Index price adopts 6 mainstream spot exchange prices to avoid the user’s contract being liquidated
  • Open and Transparent: The unique L3 mechanism in the industry enables you to know the details of each transaction and eliminate human manipulation
  • The World’s First Lite Version Contract: 30 seconds to register and 1 minute to learn how to trade contracts and make each transaction easier
  • Small Capital, Big Return: Minimum $1, maximum 100x leverage
  • Highest Benefits in the Industry: Free position and experience fee, up to 50% commission rebate for agent cooperation

Pool-X (KuCoin Staking)

  • Double Rewards: The first lock-up mining mode, can obtain staking profit plus POL mining reward
  • High Flexibility: Freely choose two kinds of locked-up products, fixed or flexible, and the locked-up products can also immediately end the locked-up status through trading in the liquidity trading market at any time
  • Support for Multiple Currencies: Support for ATOM, TRX, KCS, WAN and other mainstream currencies
  • Initiated the Mechanism of Soft Staking: Daily token staking income, and be free to trade and withdraw


  • World-Class Architecture: High scalability, low latency, full-stack API interface support, and complete risk control system
  • Safety: Complete tech risk-management system, main site 1000-day operation with 0 incident
  • Express Deployment: One click, launch in 72 hours
  • High Market Depth: Share strong liquidity of KuCoin Spot and KuCoin Futures
  • Technical Adaptation: Supports full customization of functions and freely extends the list of functions


Visit the Official KuCoin website

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