‘let’s Build A Europe Where Web3 Can Flourish:’ Crypto Companies Sign An Open Letter To Eu Regulators
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‘Let’s build a Europe where Web3 can flourish:’ Crypto companies sign an open letter to EU regulators

Industry representatives call the authorities not to go beyond the scope of the FATF Travel Rule recommendation. Forty crypto companies cosigned an open letter to the European Parliament, European Commission and other principal E.U. institutions […]

Ecb To Cease Bond Purchases In Q3, Lagarde Says Eu’s Economic Rebound ‘crucially Depends On How The Conflict Evolves’
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ECB to Cease Bond Purchases in Q3, Lagarde Says EU’s Economic Rebound ‘Crucially Depends on How the Conflict Evolves’

After the inflation rate in the eurozone reached a high of 7.5% in March, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the bank’s president Christine Lagarde explained on Thursday the central bank’s bond purchases will cease […]