Gensokishi’s Mv Token To Be Listed On Kraken
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GensoKishi’s MV Token to Be Listed on Kraken

PRESS RELEASE. On June 9, 2022 at 14:30 UTC, the FIAT currency pairs of MV(ERC20)/USD and MV(ERC20)/EUR will be listed on Kraken, a leading crypto exchange. Genso believes that by listing MV on Kraken, Genso […]

Kraken Nft Marketplace Opens Waitlist For Beta
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Kraken NFT marketplace opens waitlist for beta

According to the exchange, users will not incur any gas fees for trading NFTs custodied with Kraken — only transferring tokens and NFTs off the platform. Crypto exchange Kraken has opened a waitlist for its […]

Kraken Users Report Bitcoin Lightning Network Availability
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Kraken users report Bitcoin Lightning Network availability

Kraken was previously aiming to implement the BItcoin Lightning Network in 2021 after officially announcing the plan in late 2020. Major American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken reportedly started implementing the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network for users […]

Despite Recent Threats From Canadian Officials, ‘real Crypto’ Or Decentralized Assets Cannot Be Frozen
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Despite Recent Threats From Canadian Officials, ‘Real Crypto’ or Decentralized Assets Cannot Be Frozen

Over the last week, there’s been a lot of discussion about Canada ‘freezing’ digital currency accounts that are associated with the Canadian trucker’s Freedom Convoy. Amid the topical conversation, it should be stressed that decentralized […]